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Submitted for the 2018 Chillennium Game Jam.

Team Name: UCM Mules
Team Members: Ian M. Riley
                                     Kean P. Horgan
                                     Ben J. Gallinai
                                     Courtney E. Cole
Affiliated University(s): University of Central Missouri

The bitter Arch-Druid has cast a curse on the forest! The trees and other folige have been taken entirely out of time, frozen and left unable to change naturally into fall. This halt in the natural cycle has also caused a change in the forest's wildlife. They have been cursed as well, causing them to act more hostile in their distress.

You, a mere druid-in-training, must set out on an adventure to reverse the curse, appease the animals, and better your skills along the way. What skills? The ability to change into animals, of course! Can you stop this Druidic Calamity?

Install instructions

Unzip file and click on the .exe


Druidic Calamity.zip 15 MB

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